Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exercises to pregnant women for normal delivery

Here are some fit and healthy tips for a healthy baby in a normal delivery. Try to follow it every day or atleast   thrice in a week. But you should not stress yourself more it will have bad results on your baby. Do each and every exercise with breath control and take care of your baby position in womb. Not only exercise, healthy diet is also important to be fit for you and your precious..!


1. Try to have at least one fruit per day, it should be clean and fresh. Essential fruits are apples, grapes, melons, banana, orchard fruits and other citrus fruits such as lemons, berries etc.

2. More calcium are needed during these pregnancy periods,consume more milk and yoghurt every day. Only pasteurised milk are healthy to you. They will supply more calcium.

3. For protein have eggs and fishes for omega 3 fatty acids. Fishes includes catfish, pollack, salmon, tilapia, clamps and shrimps. Nuts are also effective sources for proteins.

4. Whole Grains everyday.  Whole grain rice, oatmeals, whole grain cereal, and grains breads are best to have.

5. Healthy vegetables to have are cauliflower, greeny leaf vegetables, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables.

6. Additional small amount of fat is also needed everyday. For that include small amount of olive oil, corn oil, soyabean oil and margarine.


Kegel exercise - slowly contract your pelvic muscles and release. You can contract your pelvic muscle for upto 10 seconds. Pelvic muscles strengthening is important, throughout the pregnancy periods. You can do this  by sitting with your legs wide opened. 

Arms stretch to increase your flexibility and strength during pregnancy. Use both your arms lift up and down or rotate slowly.

Abdominal exercise- without affecting your baby, strengthening it is important. 

  • For abdominal stretch, lying down with your legs stretched, slightly raise your head up and down.
  • For pelvic tilt stretch, lying down with your back, lift up your stomach with knees bend and relax.
Do the above exercise for 10 -12 repetitions per cycle.

Sit up exercises - forward and diagonal sit up helpful for normal delivery.

To avoid leg cramps and to increase your flexibility, calf stretch exercise. First right leg forward stretch and then with your left leg.

Cat cow pose - to keep your baby in position and to relax your back pain.

All your pain now will be turned out to be nothing when you hear,



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