Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tips to treat Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder(manic-depressive disorder), two different extremes, too much of excitation or too much of depression alternatively. It has subdivided into bipolar I, bipolar II and cyclothymia. Depression and mania may rapid alternate, termed as rapid cycling.

Symptoms for Bipolar disorder
1. Irritation.
2. Elevated mood.
3. Inflated self esteem
4. Poor temper control
5. Reckless behavior
6. Persistent sadness
7. Sleep disturbances
8. Suicidal thoughts
9. Moving away from friends and enjoyments.

Causes for Bipolar disorder
1. Its common for ages between 15-25. There is no constant exact source for this disorder, it may be due to uncomfortable environment,jobs, friends and relatives etc.

2. It may be due to disturbance in brain areas that stimulates mood, due to drugs, masturbation etc.

3. It may be followed by heredity.

Treatment for Bipolar disorder
Treatments are both by medication and psychological treatments.

1. Antipsychotic drugs, lithium and mood stabilizers are long term medication which helps in mood maintainance.

2. Psychoeducation, family-focused therapy, reducing negative depression emotions with friends and relatives, are the psychological treatments followed.

3. Electroconvulsive therapy(ECT), psychatric treatment uses electric current that cause brief seizure of the central nervous system, it is used to avoid suicidal thoughts and too much depression.

4. The best way to prevent this disorder, is to not to have too much excitation or happiness when we have our success or any good things, or too much of depression when anything happens bad or wrong. Take everything positively and do not take anything deep into your heart. Enjoy your life, it is not complicated to live, our thoughts only makes it complex. 

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