Monday, October 28, 2013

Law of attraction

The reason for all the things happening around  is you , because of law of attraction. If you think of happiness, you will get happy. If you think of something different to happen today, you will get it in the course of day. It’s not like a boon or any mantra to get you what you want. Its because of our thoughts and brain waves you convey to the environment around you to bring the thing you want.

I came across with this law of attraction by a video called “The Secret”.   I am still researching on how these brain waves actually works but if you closely observe all the achievers, good and happy living people around you, they believed and constantly thought of what they want to achieve. They are living happy, because they want to be happy. It all depends on how we think and what we think.

Since if you think about what you want, your mind, nerves,  end to an atom in our human system of yours will transform or make yourself to achieve what you want.  The concept is so simple to understand, it’s like clearing the way for you in your mind and helps in choosing the right path for you to achieve it. This can make you understand the base of a meditation. Meditation helps you to clear your mind. If you keep a turbid water bottle alone for while, all the dirt will settle down at the bottom and you can see the clear water.

The difference between them and us is simple, they are not letting any obstacles in their way ,I mean in brain in achieving what they want, but we let bad thoughts to make our way mess in achieving it.
If you want to be happy, then think of being happy and what can you make to be happy. And not of worrying about being sad. Law of attraction is simple, it works like a magnet , in real magnets “like repels like “  but our  brain wave magnet works opposite “like attracts like”. If you worry about being sad or why we are sad, you are attracting sad and bad to you. This makes you fall into that trap again and again.

If you think of happiness, you will attract happiness. It will come to you.  Always think and expect what you want and not what you don’t want. Keep your heart and mind calm and clear in understanding what you want and think about it.
If you think about what you want, it means that you are conveying or ordering the environment to get you what you want.  Many people around you are using this technique in many other ways to get their things without knowing this law of attraction.

A single thought can save your life instead of having thousands of tablets in medicine. Think of recovering from your problems and pains. Mentally create a world in which you want to live and think of living in it.  Slowly your life turns up and takes you there.
Use this law of attraction in daily routine, decide your day how want it to be and believe that you are living in it. It’s true, you will have your day.  But you have to believe it strongly that you are going to get that. Don’t let your life to live in others law of attraction.
Life becomes simple if you this law of attraction in your life. Order your environment through your brain waves to bring what you want. It’s like ordering yourself to go into that path to achieve what you want.

If you want money, think about money and not about your poverty now. It’s not constant, you can change it, if you start to think and believe that you will have the money. Environmental energy will take you in that path to have the money you want.
If you want happiness, think about happiness and believe that you are living happy and not about worrying, sadness etc. If you worry, you attract worries. If you happy, you attract happy. The choice is yours.

Use the environmental energy around you in good way and live the life in which you want to live. This energy exists. Many people are utilizing this energy to bring what they want, why can’t you.

The solutions to all our problems is simple, it’s because we thought of it. But no more from now. Since you know this secret.

It may take time, but don’t lose hope.  Once you start think  about giving up, you will attract give up and leaves you in same mess.
It will take time for a tree to grow from a seed.  Bury a good seed and it will grow automatically with the help of your strong belief and thinking about it daily. Mentally think that you have got what you want and live in it. It will change your present life also.
So go ahead and decide the life you want and live in it. Live an ever glowing life.

You can leave your comments below and update me how its changing your life.  I promise you that you will see a change in your life when you start using this law of  attraction.


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