Friday, May 18, 2012

Tips to treat AIDS

Do not hesitate or feel shy to know or talk about AIDS, its important for everyone of us!

AIDS(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus(HIV), that affects the entire immune system. HIV virus can be found in saliva, tears, urine and blood of HIV infected person.

Causes for AIDS:

1. Injection drugs users who share needles.
2. Unprotected Sex.
3. Contaminated Blood transfusions.
4. Infant born with HIV from mother.

Symptoms for AIDS

HIV affects the immune system, which leads way to other opportunistic infections which causes symptoms like,

1. Night sweat.
2. Fever & cough.
3. Chillness & weakness.
4. Weight loss.
5. Pulmonary infections
6. Gastrointestinal infections.
7. Neurological and Psychiatric involvement
8. Tumors and malignancies
9. Penicilliosis, another opportunistic infection.

Treatment for AIDS

These treatments are only to reduce the symptoms and to make them live among others.

1. HAART (highly active anti retroviral therapy), decreases the replication of HIV virus and protects the existing immune system. HAART has side effects such as nausea, headache, weakness & fact accumulation on the back. If used for long time, results in heart attack, and increase the level of fat and glucose level in blood.

2. Antiviral medication such as erythyropoetin (epogen) and filgrastim(neupogen), used to stimulate cell growth, to treat anaemia and low white blood cells counts asociated with AIDS.

3. Medication to prevent infection such as pneumocystis jireoveci penumonia which is used to increase the CD4 T helper cells. This will increase the life span of the infected one.

4. Do not use injected drug needles or sharing it to prevent AIDS.

5. HIV cells can found in saliva, tears, urine and blood, so stay away only in above things of HIV infected person and do not try to avoid them, they are also one of us.

6. Medication  are now available to avoid infant born with HIV from mother, consult your doctor.

7. Mothers who are HIV positive, do not breast feed their babies.

8. Safe sex, use of condoms which prevent HIV transmission.

9. Above all, Self control is the best treatment to stay away from AIDS.

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