Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Exercises for your Brain

Both mental and physical exercises are important for a fit and healthy human being. It is quite easy and interesting to train up your brain. Sleeping is an effective way to refresh or restart your brain after several messed up thinkings. Excessive alcohol and too little sleep affects your brain activity by draining it. Exercising your brain means that forming a neural connection and strengthen the already established connection, & to prevent dementia, alzeihmer's diseases etc.


1. Our brain is half filled with fats which is very much important for brain functions. Omega 3 fatty acids are effective for brains functions and cognitive development which are rich in fish and seafoods.

2. Green vegetables and leaves such as spinach, kale helps you to be safe from dementia, alzheimer's diseases.

3. Energy drinks for your brain are blueberries, blackberries, grape juice, apples, cinnamon, braccoli, cauliflower and dark chocolate.

4. Drink enough water for your brain to not get dehydrated. Dehydration can cause headache and other neural damage.

5.Osyters and whole grains are good for your brain. Oysters are rich in zinc and iron which will makes your brain sharper.

6. Green tea are more beneficial to your brain activity since it is full of catechins (tannic acids) to keep you fresh and mental fatigueness.


1. Reading- it flexes your brain muscles whether it can be more pleasure to you or informative. Try to read atleast a page per day. It prevents symptoms of dementia and quite refreshing.

2. Solving puzzles -are best way to exercise your left brain. 

3. Strategy games - such as chess, monopoly, othello, creative thinking of an art will help you to exercise your right brain. Computer games are also helpful...!

4. Try to do something new one per day, it help your maintain brain acitivity and establishing new connection, recalling your knowledge etc. instead of doing a routine works without any additional thinking.

5. Learning any new language will help you to activate any unused nerves in your brain and also increases the blood supply and makes nerve connections healthier.

6. Music - we all love music, it relaxes, try to feel it and enjoy every natural and artificial sound made. Relaxation musics are also used to treat sleep disorders. Try to memorize the song lyrics.

7. Physical exercise are more important to promote blood flow to your brain and to improve attention, reasoning and memory.

8. Be friendly with others instead of any anger, ego, jealous etc, these are negatives to your brain. Go easy with everyone.

9. Give your mind with new challenges or tasks to be done every day with new thoughts and thinkings. 

10. Instead of doing anything with left hand alone or right hand alone such as using computer mouse, using table spoon etc try to do it with other hand for a change.

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