Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Effective Fitness exercise without any equipment

No need to go to gym or to buy dumbbells to workout in home,You can workout in your home itself without any requirements just a free place to do, to keep yourself fit and healthy. Daily one hour per day is enough for these workout. But to burn more calories and to reduce fat, do these workout without any rest.
Maximum gap between these workout can be 30-60 sec max .

Do each workout with 10-12 repetitions and switch to next workout immediately less than 30 seconds to burn more fats, otherwise you can do it slowly also!  Repeat the cycle daily

Push Ups

Tuck Jump


Hip raise


Plank Pose

Triceps Dip

Leg deadlift

Spinal balance Pose

Bicycle Crunch

Leg Raise

Side lunge 


Switch Lunge

Pull Ups

Jumping Jack

Mountain Climber

Butt Kicks

Frog Jumps

Plie Squat

The above fitness workout are prescribed by Amy Dixon, fitness trainer, Livestrong article.

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