Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exercises for girls to be fit

Here are some of easy and best way to keep yourself  in good posture, healthy and in relaxed state of mind ever. Daily one hour a day is enough and must for all.  Not only exercise, you need to follow regular healthy diet also to be fit and healthy! Do each and every exercise with repetition for 5-10 minutes each and try to avoid tight clothing while doing it.

Jogging for about 2-3 km per day is helpful to reduce your unused calories, to not get deposited and avoiding increase in blood sugar level.

Swimming - is the best way to keep yourself in shape, a complete workout for all your body parts.

Walking - a walk for 3-5 miles per day is helpful to reduce unwanted deposition of fats and calories and to keep yourself fit and refreshed.

Yogasanas - brings you a co-ordination between your mind and body, stress relief, reduce muscle tension and self esteem, confidence in you. Try to stay in each pose for 2- 5 minutes and get back slowly.

These poses may be hard to get into it for the very first time, but try to stay in it, it works on your belly, other areas to keep yourself in good posture. Breath in and out slowly with deep concentration on it. You can only refreshed, if you concentrate on your breath and not on any other thoughts. 

Forward Fold Pose

Warrior Pose

Dog Pose

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