Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Treat LEG CRAMPS !!!

                             Treat a Cramped Muscle 

Cramps are painful spasms in a muscle and are often caused by overuse, dehydration, or nutritional deficiencies. The techniques listed below detail some methods for treating cramped muscles. Any of the techniques below can be done alone or in conjunction with others listed. 

  • Drink fluids 
An electrolyte imbalance can be the cause of muscle spasms, so rehydrating with an electrolyte drink can help restore balance. Beware of the high sugar content of some sports drinks, which may accentuate cramping. You are best off rehydrating with Pedialyte.
  •  Stretch
Stretch the affected muscle with a mild, static stretch. This can be performed alone or after any of the other techniques listed.
  • Ice
 Use ice to numb the pain in a cramp, reducing inflammation and allowing the muscle to relax. Ideally, combine this with another technique such as stretching or approximation. It can also be used after the cramp has been relieved to reduce soreness in the muscle.
  • Relax 
Bring the affected muscle into a relaxed position (i.e., not stretched or lengthened) and apply direct compression to the cramp.
  • Grasp the muscle
Grasp the muscle on either side (above and below, not to the sides) of the cramp. Push your hands together, shortening and compressing the muscle. Hold this until the muscle relaxes.
  • Isometrically contract
Isometrically contract (contract without moving the limb) the antagonist (opposing muscle) to the muscle that is cramping. This forces the cramping muscle to relax, relieving the cramp.
  • Apply Analgesic
Many analgesic (pain-relieving) balms exist and they do pretty much the same thing. Similar to ice, these relieve pain in the muscle, allowing it to relax and the cramp to dissipate. Some examples include Tiger Balm, IcyHot, BioFreeze,Iodex from India, Zheng Gu Shui, and Dit Da Jow. Massage the balm into the muscle and rest.

It always works when you take a warm bath.


  • A more immediate treatment for leg and muscle cramps is to grasp your upper lip firmly between your thumb and index finger and wiggle and massage it. Not recommended for long-term treatment, but works for immediate pain relief.


  • Go to sleep
If you have time straight after your exercise, the cramp in your muscle will disappear.


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