Friday, August 10, 2012

Tips to take care a baby

There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby in this world. It may be either a boy or girl both are equally precious. The health and fitness of your baby depends on how you taking care of it daily. If you take a good care on him/her, in future he/she will be healthy and fitty! This magic days only make mothers as a great women to their child. 

Here are some tips to take care my cute little friend of you!

1. Regular sleep schedule - Play with your baby by showing him/her a new different colors and when he/she cries, it may be a crying for hungry. Then at that time breastfeeding or giving pasteurised milk will satisfy him/her. After feeding, make him/her to sleep by lying him/her in a swinging bed.

2. Fresh bath - To keep your baby to stay away from germs and bacteria, bathe him daily in light warm water. Use baby soaps and shampoos which are tear free. 

3. Take care baby skin - The skins will be so soft and easily get infected by infectious germs, insects etc. To avoid that, keep the environment around the baby neat and clean. Try to use baby powders and lotion as advised by your family doctor. 

4. Diaper- To avoid diaper rashes, check it every 2-4 hours whether it is wet or loo!. Change the diaper atleast two times per day. 

5. When your baby cries, it may be hungry or bitten by any insects or hitted by any object or people. Calm him/her by checking and making him to laugh by showing some colors or gestures.

6. Don't let everyone to kiss your baby often, since any infectious germs may stick to cheeks of your baby and turns into a rash!

7. Always instead of going for pasteurised milk, breastfeeding is always best and most effective for a baby to have all essential elements for his/her health.

8. Teething - When baby teeth starts growing, babies wil try to bite whatever he/she has in his hand! To avoid it, you give him some fresh and clean towels which is soaked in clean water or any juice and letting him to bite it. There are also many water filled toys which are specially made for babies teething.

9. Last and most important, i don't know this clearly but i have seen in many of relative babies such as crying for more than one or two hours when something wrong with body organs when you play with your making him/her upside down. Do not turn him upside down, play with him safely by holding him steadily since the head muscles will take some time to become strong. 

And sometimes do not let the baby to laugh continuously, it may stop his/ her breathing suddenly. But all the above problems can be cured easily.  

And do not keep any small objects near to him/her, unknowingly he/she may swallow it!

   Take care your precious safely!

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