Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exercise by dancing

Dancing is an excellent workout for both physical and mental exercise. All moves you make involving all your body movements, increases the health metabolism. Dancing happily by forgetting all your stress and pain refresh your brain with more blood supply and keep you cool always. I don't want you to join any dance class unless you need, whenever you listen to rock music or the type of music you love more, just make an move as per the music. The music which makes you to dance is an workout for physical and mentally to keep you fit and healthy always! An at least half an hour per day, burns you 300 calories per day which depends upon the moves you make involving all your hands, legs, hip, chest and face muscles too helps in reducing the fat and weight loss.

Belly Dance

Helps you in having flat abs. It concentrates on stomach, back, hip and pelvic muscles. Calories you burn by belly dance is equal to calories you can burn while swimming, walking or bicycle riding. By a Belly dance DVD now and start practicing on the moves they make. Do it happily, it relief you from all your physical and mental pain.

Latin Style Dance

Is effective for strengthening your core muscles and fat burn. Dance such as zumba, salsa, cha cha mambo, meregue moves helps you to sweat more and weight loss.

Hip Pop dance

Increases the flexibility and strengthens your muscles. These moves will be hard to practice it but once you try to get it, and practicing daily will keep you fit always!

Hoop dance

Helps in fat burning and core strengthening. First you begin with hooping your waist, once you can do that, then try hooping around your arms, legs,ankles, neck and shoulder.

Need not to worry or feel depressed if you can't able to make any moves, do the step you can do with full body movements and enjoy the music. Practice it daily by having a group of friends to dance with you!

           No need to feel shy! nothing wrong, dance freak out!

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