Friday, August 24, 2012

Self defense fighting tips

Being fit and healthy in your life is not enough, you should also know some basic fighting skill and smartness to protect yourself from others when you are in danger. 

When someone is trying to hit you, you will often try to escape from that place. But using simple self defense fighting technique, you can protect yourself from them. You don't have to be a fighter to do these techniques, anyone with arms and legs can do it!

First, when someone is coming near to you to hit you, to hit him back either move so close to him or few feats away from him to use these techniques! Do not be so soft on moves!

1. Using your thumbs as Knife- hurt the attacker in his neck region using your thumbs like knife. It will pain him for a while if you do it so hard!

2. Hitting in groin region - if you are so close to him raise your knee and kick him in his groin region or if you are few feat away then using legs with full force kick him in groin region will make him down for a minute.

3. Hit the eyes of the attacker- using your thumbs press the eye socket of the attacker, it will make him to bow down and letting you go!

4. A Punch on face - using your hands like a hammer punch the attacker on his face either in chin, cheeks, or nose to make him down. The much harder you punch, more harder the pain will be for the attacker.

5.Lower leg Kicks - whether you are lying down or holded by the attacker, aim for his lower leg part such as knee cap, toes and kick it hard with your legs.

6. Bend the Fingers - Try to grab the fingers of the attacker and bend it like a stick. 

After making him down with the above moves, try to escape from that place or call 911 for help!

Try to learn some gymnastics moves like somersault, jumping the hurdles will help you to escape from the attacker.

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