Thursday, August 30, 2012

Piloxing Fitness workout

Piloxing - a combination of Pilates and boxing to tone your arms, thighs, butts, abs and to get you the ultimate fitness shape. You don't feel like working in a gym, its fully of entertainment and fat burner.  

Viveca Jenson  swedish dancer, is the creator of Piloxing. A fun and smart way of fitness workout. It includes boxing moves jab jab, uppercut with pilates strengthening and flexbility moves and also dance moves to for entire body workout!

Piloxing should be done on bare feet and with weighted gloves to tone your arms and for cardio muscle fitness! You can see the entire workout will be like dancing to a song with some boxing moves, it will be refreshing and to gain you the self-confidence through fitness.

The benefits of Piloxing are,

  • accelerate heart beat rate and more calories will be burnt.
  • Physical and mental workout
  • Boxing moves will help you for self defense fighting.
  • Full body workout.
  • gains you self confidence and self esteem.
  • Tone up your arms, butt, abs by whipping out fats.
  • You can be sleeky, sexy and powerful too. 
How to prepare yourself before the workout,
  • Avoid having heavy foods before the workout. Instead you can go for energy drinks and fruits, but in dietary amount. Doing Piloxing doesn't mean that you can go for heavy foods, you should follow the diet schedules along with piloxing fitness workout!
  • You have to do the moves with bare feet and with weighted gloves on your hands.
  • Comfortable cloths which helps you to do the workout without disturbance.
  • Piloxing is an interval based workout, pause it wherever they say!
  • You can do these workout at any time you want. At least one hour per day with diet schedules is enough!

To join piloxing class near you or to buy the piloxing workout DVD, and to buy the weighted gloves and other piloxing shopping, you can go for all in one site below,

You can also check here a piloxing workout class, how it is and how to do the moves....! enjoy doing the fitness workout..! 


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