Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surfset Fitness Workout

Absolute fun, refreshing and smart fitness workout by balancing yourself on a surf board in an ocean. You can do that in your home itself, RipSurfer X surf board will give you the experience of like doing it on an ocean! 

You can have a complete workout for your cardio, core strengthening, flexibility and co-ordination. The Ripsurfer X has all the things to help you! You can do workouts on surf board and it has handles with straps  for paddling, and everything like using surf board on a shore!

Balancing yourself on a surf board while riding on a wave with your legs and arms stretched for stability  to balance the instability like in an ocean! It tightens your abs, and strengthen your calves, thighs and glutes!

Paddling using your arms by lying on the board, you can also do the same on Ripsurfer using the straps in it! Its good for arms and core muscles!

Squats on surf board - increased balancing and strength throughout the body and helpful for hip, obliques and leg muscles!

Water Dips using the surf board - a full body workout, shapes your abs muscles and strengthen your core muscles!

You can do all those workouts and some yoga poses by balancing on a surfboard in an ocean or using the RipSurfer X if you are afraid to do it on shore! You can burn more calories on surfboard than doing on ground!


jade said...

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24 Hour Towing said...

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Blogger said...

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Unknown said...

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