Friday, August 3, 2012

Yogasanas to energize your brain

Master choa kok sui, founder of pranic healing and arhatic yoga, has written 20 books available 32 languages! In one of his works, he has described about superbrain yoga. A yogasana to energize our brain.

"Superbrain yoga is an simple and effective technique energize and recharge the brain. It is based on the principle of subtle energy and ear acupuncture"-Master choa kok sui.

These superbrain yoga is used to treat children age between 5-9 with different neurological disabilities. It helps them to focus, emotional behavior control and live along with normal human. 

Superbrain yoga is for everybody who want to be smart in whatever action they do! You can have a mental clarity, refreshing and calmness. You can do this yoga pose on any time you want!

How to do Superbrain yoga

Do it as per the procedure,

Right ear lobe corresponds to left brain and left ear lob corresponds to right brain. We have to energize and recharge both the hemisphere.

First, gently squeeze your right ear lob with left index finger and with thumb outside to make the necessary energy connection. This supplies energy to left brain and pituitary gland.

Then, gently squeeze your left ear lob wih right index finger and with thumb outside. This energy connection energize the right brain and pineal gland.

To energize both right and left brain, do it both at a time, with left arm inside and right arm outside. This arm position is to be followed correctly for better results.

After holding both ear lobe with arms, now inhale when you squat down and exhale when you squat up!Do it for 15-20 repetition, atleast once or twice per day.

In our school days, what we have done as punishment is an yoga, now I thank my teacher for making me to this and so also you!

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