Friday, February 17, 2012

Importance of being Healthy and staying Fit

We try to do many things at a time and normally find that the day should have more than 24 hours. Many people have full time jobs of more than eight hours a day, have to take work to home, study a long distance course and on top of that, take care of a family or home. And probably, the last thing in our "to do list" is to take care about health and fitness.
This health and fitness blog was developed to make people aware that these are two aspects of your being you can not be careless about and need as much attention as any other aspect of our lives. In fact, it should be one of the priorities, as the good health of our body will enable us to do the rest of our activities.
Health has being a major issue for many in the recent years. The increase of the number of people suffering of obesity and the illnesses related to this condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, have made them rethink the strategy to battle this. Campaigns in schools and health centers target kids and parents to make them aware of the importance of keeping a healthy diet and to exercise. But it is difficult to keep people and specially kids away from hamburgers, fizzy drinks and fast food. We seem to find it very difficult to organize our schedules in order to make time for cooking meals and eating healthily and fast food is so cheap!
Fitness is another big issue that is closely related to the lifestyles we have. In a society where obesity has become a very big concern, exercising has become one of the most advertised ways of solving the problem. The gyms and health clubs are experiencing their golden age, offering very appealing offers to every person who would like to try them out.
One thing most of the people do not realize is that it is not necessary to go to a gym and workout for long hours in order to keep fit. To exercise is a habit people must acquire and try to do it every day. A sedentary life is not healthy and added to an unhealthy diet can have serious consequences.
A daily walk of 30 minutes, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, getting off the bus one stop before our usual one or going to the nearby shop by walk instead of taking the car, will provide us with the daily exercise our body needs and will keep us fit. So as you can see, no gym is necessary and fitness can be achieved with the little things we do in our daily routine. Our lives are busy enough to make another slot for the gym, and most of the times it becomes easier to blame this fact for the lack of exercise we get and for the extra weight we may have.
Kids are too used to spending their spare time in front of the TV playing video games that they have forgotten what is like to be outside playing ball with other kids, running and climbing. They prefer to be in front of the computer chatting with friends instead of going out with them and play around. Technology has made our lives easier but it has also thrown us into bad habits which in the long term do not seem to be very healthy for us.

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