Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tips - Men SHAVING


Do: "If you want to sculpt super-close, there's no alternative to a straight razor. Buy one from The Art of Shaving and they'll tell you everything you could possibly need to know to avoid a Sweeney Todd situation. A number of regular razors come with a single blade on the back for sculpting,"
Don't: "It seems like a no-brainer, but so many guys treat shaving like a race and end up with nicks. Take the few extra seconds to add water to your shaving cream for an extra-smooth shave, and always go with the grain."
Do: "Use a hot towel to open the pores before you sculpt and a cold towel or a cold rinse to close your pores after. This keeps ingrown hairs, redness, and nicks in check.
Don't: "Never squeeze ingrown hairs like they're pimples. Dirt in your nails can lead to infection."
Do: "When you have an ingrown hair, put a hot towel on your face, disinfect the spot with some alcohol, take a tweezer, and go at it. Grab the hair as close to the base as possible to pull the bulb out. If you yank it from the top, you'll just split the hair in half, and then you're screwed."

  • Step one: Buzz it "Set guard to 3 and buzz your whole beard."
  • Step two: Clean lower neck "Switch guard to 1 and buzz from your Adam's apple to two inches below your jaw."
  • Step three: Fade it "Switch guard to 2 and buzz that remaining two-inch area, finessing and fading the 1 zone into the 3 zone."
  • Step four: Remove strays "Remove guard (the 0 setting) and buzz below your Adam's apple and any strays on the sides of your neck." 
Certain Myths : 
  • Myth #1: Certain foods make your beard grow quicker. "No food or vitamin makes the beard grow faster. However, we do need amino acids or protein in our diet to grow hair. For instance, guys who are anemic often experience beard thinning."
  • Myth #2: If you shave more often, your facial hair will get fuller. "Shaving absolutely does not make your hair grow at any different rate. One reason it might seem that way? If you shave often, you're feeling the prickly sensation of hair growing back more frequently."
  • Myth #3: Gray beards are coarser. "If anything, our follicles become smaller as we age. Gray beards are not much different than regular ones, structurally speaking. If a Santa-like beard seems coarse, it's just because it hasn't been conditioned properly or is full of split ends. 
Using aftershave or pre-shave can benefit you as well. Pre-shave lotions or pre-shave creams can harden your facial hair and make them stand, providing ease when you remove them through electric razors. Consequently, you need to choose a pre-shave that is suited well for electric razors.

Aftershave, on the other hand, can help in closing and tightening your pores after shaving. Also, it helps moisturize your skin. However, if you have a sensitive skin, you ought to avoid using aftershave or other alcohol-based aftershaves. As an alternative, you can use a relaxing aftershave balm or make one of your own from organic and all-natural ingredients.

In addition, using aftershave can damage your skin specifically if it is sensitive and it has cuts and wounds. Aftershaves are used primarily for desensitizing your skin after shaving. It is much recommended that you wash your face. Also, if your face has small cuts or wounds, you should not use aftershave. It might penetrate into your inner skin, causing irritation.

Applying aftershave on your face after using mens electric shavers is really just your choice. If you want to make your face look softer then you can use aftershave, but really, it's not a requirement.

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