Monday, April 16, 2012

To have a healthy and Fit life!

Here are some tips to have a fit and healthy life ever without any additional workout in our daily activities....

1.Don't miss your breakfast
Many of us try to skip breakfast to reduce weight and to be fit.... its will definitely end up in bad results...
Some researches have found that skipping breakfast will increase the amount of cholesterol and lowers the level of insulin. The increased level of cholesterol will end up in heart diseases. So, at least try to have a little amount of breakfast if it is not possible for you in case of busy situation. Its really important and proven results.

2. Having plenty of water
Drinking water for every couple of hours is beneficial in keeping your blood circulation constant and efficient.
If drinking more amount of water per day is not possible, then try to have more number of soft drinks and others which includes water to keep you up to the level.

3. Fish oil
Omega 3 fatty acids are rich in fish oil which will keep you away from heart disease and increase your calories rate up 400% proven results in london researches.

4. Any kind of Physical activity should be done
Now a days everything is of computer. So, our physical activities is reduced so much and even entertainments are also reducing our activites by making us only to seat for many hours which will kills us very soon may be within three years. So, try to exercise or any physical activites at least half an hour per day to keep you in position.

There are also many kinds of simple equipments that can be bought and exercise by playing with that ,
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 Bally twist board
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 Bosu balance Trainer
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Valeo HW5 5-Pound Neoprene Hand Weights
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5. Snacks and Meals
 Before going for any snacks analyse its making and what kind of nutritional value it has to keep us healthy.
Instead of going for snacks you can have many fruits and other healthy energy drinks in your leisure time.

6.Take it easy policy
Whatever problems in our life do not take it for a long time... it spoils our mental health .... to overcome it you can divert yourself to any kind of activities which gives you immense pleasure .. it also helps your brain to solve your problem too.... it also proven result. So, always take everything and anything lightly to be mentally and physically fit ever.

7.Regular sleep
 An average healthy man should have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Regular sleep, regulates your metabolism rate and blood circulation in your body.  Definitely, our mind needs some relaxation which helps to live happily ever without any stress. Avoiding sleep is avoiding yourself. So, sleep regularly and live fit N healthy ever to be happy.

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