Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tips to treat Arthritis

Arthritis is an excitation of one or more joints which results in pain, swelling, stiffness and restricted movements.
There are nearly 100 type of arthritis.

Causes for Arthritis

1. Cartilage muscles act as soldiers for joint. It helps joint for smooth movement and absorbs shocks and pains placed on joints. Arthritis damages the cartilage. Due to that, the bones rub together and which results in swelling, pains and stiffness.

2. Arthritis may be due to autoimmune diseases, broken bones, wear and tear of joints and infection by bacterias and virus.

3. Chronic arthritis results in long term pain and deformity,due to some diseases and injuries. Osteoarthritis, more common as you grow old, it leads to pain in knees, hip and fingers. Osteoarthritis is due to being overweight and more stress on already injured joint.

4. Arthritis are common to both men and women of all ages. Almost 1 out 7 people around the world.
Based on cause of arthritis, there are many types such as, viral arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fungal infection, gonococcal arthritis, tuberculous arthritis etc.

Treatment for Arthritis

1.  By changing your lifestyle, osteoarthritis can be prevented. If needed, medication along with new life style is also recommended.

2. As per Physiotherapist advice, many exercise for arthritis to maintain healthy joints, relative stiffness, reduce pain and fatigue and improve bone and muscle strength. 

3. Physiotherapist only can apply heat and cold treatments as needed and fit you splints for your joints to be in align. Rest, you have to do exercise, avoiding holding one position for long time, to make everything easy for you not to make more stress on your joints and you can also meditation, yoga practice which reduces stress.

4. Capsaicin cream can be applied over the skin which reduces the pain in joints. Have diet rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants like vitamin E.

5. Glucosamine and Chondroitin which are the building blocks of cartilage, available in supplements.

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