Thursday, April 12, 2012

Limb Stretching

Most people keep worrying by noticing their limb growth. Short Limbs are signs of poor physique.Especially men are the major suffers in this short come.The basic of height exercises which most of the instructors recommend, is the stretching exercises. In fact stretching exercises are the most effective form of exercise that can fetch you a quick increase in height of limbs. The following ideas and exercises would help you out in greater extent in stimulating growth of your limbs.

Exercise 1

Lie down on the floor facing the ceiling. Try looking at a single point on the ceiling, while your body rests comfortably on the ground. Now stretch the left foot towards right and right foot towards left, without moving your legs. Do not push too hard. Then bring them back to normal position.Now stretch the right foot towards right and left foot towards left. As usual do not try to push hard and do not move your legs.

Exercise 2

Lie down on your stomach and chest. Put your palms on the floor near the hips. Now bend your legs at the knees and raise the legs upwards. Keep the thighs on the floor. Now push your hands backwards and try to catch the legs. Try to stretch the legs as much as you can while also lifting your torso up.Do not stretch too much. Now relax. Repeat this exercise two times a day.

Exercise 3

This is an easy exercise and what you might enjoy doing. Swing yourself while holding a bar or a high shelf. You can do this in your home with a bar placed at a certain height between firmly balanced spots. But make sure that you swing only with help of your wrists and bar. Do not allow any part of your body to touch the ground or any other object. Swing by keeping your spine straight. You can always take rest in between swings.

Exercise 4

Stand behind a chair that has high back rest. Hold the backrest and push your right leg backwards. Keep your spine straight and then stretch the leg as much as possible. Now come back to resting position. Repeat the exercise with other leg. Do this for two minutes every day.

Exercise 5

There is nothing like this exercise as far as relaxing your body is concerned. Lie down on the ground with your back to the floor. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Do not fall asleep.Count 1 to 5. Breathe in for the first count of 5 and then hold your breath for next count of 5. Then breathe out for the next count. Repeat this for one minute or two.

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