Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fitness tips for beginners

Here are some natural tips to keep yourself fit without any workouts....

1. Set a goal and change your attitude that should be fit and healthy and not to give up the fitness at any cause.

2. Don't fear of any side effects will come by following diets.. proper guidance and healthy foods will have no side effects, it will keep you fit.

3. At least once in a year, have a master check up of your health regarding your cholesterol level, blood pressure in range, vitamins levels etc...

4. Before following diet tips have a proper guidance... there are also many diet and fitness exercise tips available in our website as per guidance from fit n healthy masters.

5. Staying fit ever can't be obtained in a week its a long term process follow the diet tips and fitness exercise at least once in a weak.

6. Following the diet tips before that know about the results to be obtained after following the diets, about what for we are following the diet whether for cholesterol level or vitamin and protein levels etc.

7.Having diet is not that not to have foods...its about having healthy foods...which has quick and greater effects in your fitness.

 8. Since if you are a beginner do not follow any supplements it may side effects in your health its only for gym workout fitters.

 9. Follow the aerobics exercise which will have greater effects on your fitness, which will keep you away from gym workouts.

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