Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tips to WAKE UP EARLY...

It’s that time of the year again - Examination round the clock!!!  

Whether you are a student or a happy parent, we hope our advice will work for you. We also welcome you to share your own tricks on how you wake up (or help your kids wake up) early for school! 

Here we go -
1. Start going to bed earlier every day, gradually shifting your go to bed time to finally allow at least 8 hours of quality sleep before wake up time. For example, if you need to wake up for school at 6:30am then you should be in bed at 10:30pm the latest. If these days you go to bed around 11:30pm, then start shifting it by 10 minutes a day. 

2. To become more disciplined about it I recommend you put another alarm clock for the time you need to go to bed not to miss it and track your progress by simply writing down your go to bed and wake up time every day. Couple of weeks in this mode will put you on the right sleeping schedule you will not feel depressed every time you hear about the school! 

3. Stop watching TVs, playing computer games or browsing Internet at least 2 hours before you go to sleep. Use this time to do some relaxing stuff – go for a walk outside, read book, plan your next day.  

4. Open windows to refresh air in your room before going to sleep – fresh air improves the quality of your sleep. 

5. Few more things NOT to do before going to sleep – 
  • do not do any heavy workouts like weights lifting or cardio exercises, 
  • do not eat anything but light snack,
  • do not drink coffee and any energy drinks including any kind of cola. 
And falling asleep will be way faster and easier! 

6. Take loud enough alarm clock and put it away from your bed so you would have to stand up and make few steps to alarm clock to turn it off.

7.  Do not ever hit SNOOZE – those extra 5 or 10 minutes will not help you much and very likely you will end up being late for school. 

8. Make a bet with your friend or a relative who also needs to wake up for a class that whoever wakes up in time first gives a call to wake up another. Put some funny prize for this bet or keep the score (just make sure you put your phone nearby – some your family members may not be happy to wake up that early). Or ask your friends who you know wake up early to wake you up by giving you a call.

9. First thing you should do when you hear alarm clock buzz is ... smile! It’s new day, new adventures, new feelings, new experiences, new friends and new opportunities! 

This all is well worth waking up earlier, isn’t it?

10. These tricks are easy to try, and more of them you try at the same time the higher is the chance to succeed – this is the law of overhelming force

Have a great go in your Examinations....!!! ALL THE BEST !!!

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