Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Mind and body fitness Technique

CY YO WOrkOuts

There are many natural ways that will keep your mind and body fit for ever.

Cy-Yo workouts ... which includes both yoga and aerobics practice to make you fit..

It is of one hour workout consists of 10 minutes of  yoga, 40 min of speed cycling and again 10 min of yoga to cool down and relax your mind to focus.

This method has been implemented in many fitness program now a days.

Yoga workouts not only for to stay healthy, it also strength training, core muscle building, and butt firming.

A combination of yoga and Pilates( a set of exercise used in holistic medicine) is also a current trend used 
for fitness programs.

Cy yo golden rules are,

1.Be love.

2.Strive to a higher vibration.

3.Pedal with the energy of your Higher Self and against the energy of your Lower Self.

You can practice the Cy yo workout in your home itself by buying DVD of Cy yo workouts with explanation.

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