Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Natural remedies to treat dark marks near eyes & nose due to spectacles

Dark Marks around eyes,bridge of nose due to tight spectacles which doesn't fit your eyes and bridge of nose leaves imprints on face skin. Some frames will be heavy which may cause headache and increase the occurrence of dark marks. Select frame which are not heavy or tight and fits correctly 
between your eyes and bridge of nose. Below are some natural remedies helps in removing the dark marks.


Orange Peel -Grind dried orange peel with almond oil and milk into a paste. Apply it for 15-20 mins and wash off with cold water. Almond oil has vitamin E which helps in nourishing the skin and orange peel helps in brightening the skin. 

Potatoes - Peel the skin of a potato and grate it. Add rose water to it and make it as a paste. Apply this regularly on your nose skin and wash it after 15-20 mins. Potato has bleaching properties which helps in reducing the dark marks if you apply it regularly.

Lemon and rose water - Lemon has skin brightening properties, make a paste of lemon juice and rose water. Apply it to the darkened skin and wash off with water when you feel its dried on your skin. 

Aloe Vera - Apply the gel which is inside aloe leaf around the darkened skin and wash off with water after 20-30 mins.


if you feel itching or irritation when you use it, visit skin specialist and look for alternative remedy. You can also go for contact lens if you are comfortable with it. Check with your Ophthalmologist to get an contact lens. Take Care!!

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