Thursday, May 31, 2012

Steroids in Bodybuilding

Steroids are organic compounds found in plants, animals, and fungi. Fat cholestrol, sex hormones  and anit inflammatory drugs, used for medical purposes, bodybuilding and in sports to improve their performance. Steroids are nothing but hormone testosterone (anabolic steroid) which is responsible secondary male characteristics, sperm control, and increases muscle mass. Not only to testosterone there are many different types of steroids are available,  such as human growth hormone to promote height, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) for muscle mass, Ephedra to increase athlete performance,  fat burning and energy increasing steroids, etc.  They are available in both as tablets and injections! 

The benefits of steroids ( depends on type of steroids) 
  • increase muscle mass and strength than a normal human can build. 
  • Instant results. 
  • increase fat breakdown for energy.
  • conserves blood glucose and muscle glucogen storage.
  • increases height in skeletally immature individuals.
  • increases size of hands, feet and jaws.
  • Enhances healing of musculo skeletal injuries.

The side effects of steroids are,
There are certain specification dosage for each and every steroids, over dosage will result severe bad results! 
  • Abnormal growth of muscles and weakness.
  • Decreased sperm production. 
  • Elevation of cholestrol.
  • Liver damage
  • Depression
  • Irritations and aggressiveness.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Heart attacks.
  • Mood disturbances.
  • Rapid heart beat rate.
  • Increases red blood cells count.
Treatments are available to reduce the side effects of anabolic steroids can give better results only to beginner and using steroid in correct dosage! Need to have regular check up, foods and tablets. 
No steroid is safe! They are banned in many sports organizations. There are many other healthy and safe ways to improve the muscle growth, better to stay away from steroids, consult your fitness and health advisor. Use it safely as per its procedure once if you decided to do it though you know! 

Best advice to young bodybuilders by Arnie,  is to not to go for steroids, in that age they will have their ultimate energy and effective muscle pumping. They all need is more foods and workouts with heavy weights to be a bodybuilder! 


Anonymous said...

They don't hurt unless you are flexing your muscles, then yeah, they hurt. Don't be afraid of them.
You need to learn to calm down and relax while you are getting them.

Then after a while they won't bother you. . . There may be other forms, there probably is, but that's something you have to
bring up to your endocrinologist before going in to get a shot.

. . -Connor
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Erin said...

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Victor House said...

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