Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hair Implant, advantages and disadvantages !!!

There are many treatments that can counteract the effects of alopecia or hair loss. One technique is widely recognized and innovative hair implants or hair transplantation.

The hair implant is the only solution that manages to reverse the effects of alopecia once we lost a lot of hair.

Hair Implant Benefits.
  • You can get lots of extractions for implant of the donor sites. Can be achieved between 1800 and 4000 hair follicles from a single strip from the donor.
  • Being a technique that is performed manually under direct vision specialist, making follicular grafts performed in the proper way to avoid damaging the roots of the hair, essential to have a high probability integration of the grafted follicle.
  • This technique requires a lot of work, and is very meticulous, but even this is done quickly and involving several people at once for cutting follicular units, allowing them to carry out several activities at once.
  • The scar that causes this hair treatment is linear, so it is possible to make a second or third session of hair transplantation if necessary.
  • You get satisfactory results, natural, and observed in a short time.
  • The patient will feel no pain, thus increasing user comfort and relaxation.
  • The patient can return home the same day.

Hair Implant disadvantages.

  • Is a linear scar at the donor site almost imperceptible in the area which was acquired on hair transplant.
  • Although it is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia, there is a short payback period of three days in which you can not sleep on your back.
  • Sometimes there can be some loss of sensation in the back of the head, which is recovered without any problems and return to complete normality past about two months.
Evolution Hair Implant.

It has been over 20 years since it appeared this fantastic technique, and since then has not stopped evolving both in technology and materials used as in the achieved results and patient comfort.

In the beginning, only came to transplant between 1000 and 1500 hair follicles per session, whereas now get implant between 3000 and 3500, and even in patients who have marked baldness, can reach up to 4000 hairs transplanted a single session. Exceeding the number of grafts could harm the coat of survival of grafts performed for each patient. 


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