Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Treat Spondylitis - Yoga Excercise !!!

Spondylitis is a group of chronic disorders in which the vertebra gets inflamed and tender. Though spondylitis may end up affecting other joints of the body too, the spine is the most commonly affected one. Young adults are usually more prone to spondylitis, the incidence of which is the highest around the age of 35.

Even after years of research and studies, no viable spondylitis cure has been found. It is an irreversible condition in which the joints receive irreparable damage. Though the symptoms of spondylitis can be alleviated with the help of medicines, it can never be permanently treated. It is therefore best if proper precautions are taken to avoid spondylitis.

Yoga, one of the oldest disciplines known to man, has had success in alleviating many of the symptoms of the disease. In fact yogic spondylitis exercises can help manage pain to such an extent that the symptoms may become non-existent for long periods of time.

Some of the recommended poses in yoga for spondylitis are:
  • Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)
  • Supine Cobbler’s pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)
  • Eagle pose (Garudasana)
  • Camel pose (Ushtrasana)
  • Locust pose (Shalabhasana)
  • Supine Hero’s pose (Supta Virasana)
Apart from these physical poses, yogic breathing techniques can also be great for spondylitis. Techniques like Kapalabhati can help cleanse your body while strengthening the spine. Another great spondylitis exercise is Anuloma-Viloma in which breathing is carried out through alternating nostrils.

Along with practicing these various yoga exercises, you may also consider correcting your posture. It is poor posture which is usually responsible for the aggravation of spondylitis. People, who tend to slouch while sitting or walking, are more prone to developing spondylitis.
With the help of yoga, you may also be able to correct your posture so that further aggravation of the condition does not occur. Both structural and postural flaws can be corrected by practicing yoga. Yoga can also help strengthen the muscles around the inflamed area.

However, even though there are many benefits of yoga, holding poses for long can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Another important thing is to practice these poses in the presence of a trained instructor who is able to guide you properly through each of the poses. If you do not perform the poses correctly, you may end up injuring yourself or further aggravating the condition that you were trying to resolve. It is therefore of the utmost importance to practice yoga for spondylitis with care.

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