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List of Yogasanas

Adho Mukha Svanasana

It stretches the shoulder, legs, spine and the whole body and builds strength to all parts of our body.
It helps to relieve fatigue, rejuvenate your body, improves your immune system, blood flow and peace to your mind.

Adho Mukha Vrksasana

It helps to lean your muscle mass, regulates your metabolism function and increases your strength.


It gives you an massage to your abdomen and cures all your disorder in abdomen by regulating blood flows in those organs. It helps for menstrual disorder in women and activates pancreas in insulin production to prevent diabetes.


It increases blood circulation in calf and hamstring muscles, to solve problems related to hernia and to tone the pelvis.

Anjali Mudra

It helps to calm your mind, relieve stress and increase you concentration. Its physical benefits are it increases flexibility to your wrists and palms.


It helps to release tension in your hips, stretches your quads and groin, and increases mental focus.

Ardha Chandrasana

It helps to relieve from  sciatica problems, physical and psychological stress problem, and proper functioning of liver, pancreas and kidneys.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

It helps your spinal nerves and ligaments to function effeciently and controls your digestions.

Ardha Navasana

It strengthens the abdominal muscles and regulates functions of pancreas, gall bladder, spleen and liver.

Baddha Konasana

It relieves sciatic pain and prevents hernia. It also helps you to have beneficial lumbar regions, flat feet, high blood pressure, infertility and asthma.


It helps to tone your shoulders, arm and strengthen your abdominal muscles.


It reduces tension back muscles, relieves stress, and normalize circulation throughout the body.


It strengthen the spine, stretches the chest cage, firm the buttocks and increases body heat and prevents from diseases.


It is suggested for back pain, infertility, asthma and osteoporosis. It also strengthens the muscles in buttocks,  legs, calves, wrists and spine.

Chaturanga Dandasana

It strengthens the arms, wrists, spine and tones the abdominal muscles.


It helps to improve digestion, prevent sciatic pain, stretch and activates the muscles in legs, fatigue and calf muscles.

Dwi Pada viparita dandasana

It helps your chest areas to function effeciently. Spine and shoulder flexibility, and increase poise and stillness of mind and humbleness.


It helps to cure diseases like colic pain, flatulence, chronic fever enteritis and constipation. 


It helps to strengthen your ankles and calves. It stretches your thighs, hips, shoulders and upper back muscles.


It prevents enlargement of testicles, calcium deposit in shoulders, to treat sciatic and piles. It is used to treat respiratory disorders, hypertension and cardiac complaints.


It is used to treat dyspepsia or constipation, certain types of diabetes. Helps you from back pain, headache, infertility, insomnia, and sinusitis.It also used to prevent gastric problems.


It helps you to gain more flexibility throughout your body. To treat insomnia, sciatic and increases blood flow in viens which helps you to have beautiful young skin.

Janu Sirsasana

It stretches hamstring and groin, relieve mild depression, insomnia and high blood pressure, calm your mind and improves digestions.


It helps to strengthen your shoulders, arms, wrists and all parts of your abdomen.


It stretches your thighs and strengthen your back muscles, regulates blood flow in abdomens, chest and brain areas.


Strengthening of joints in wrists, shoulders and elbows, improves digestive system, and balance in body.For women to overcome hip pain and menstruation discomfort.


It cure backache, abdominal organs relief, anxiety and depression.


Prevents disorders in abdominal regions, relieve pain during menstrual cycle, balancing your energy and relaxation. 


It is for people suffering from slipped disc, sciatic and lower back pain.It also gives mental and physical relaxation.


Strengthens your kidney, stomach, intestine, and nervous system. It also helpful for constipation, headache, and menstrual pains. It tones nerves related to sexual functions and pelvic organs.


To awaken your kundalini shakthi, for functions of liver and pancreas. It is also diabetic patients too, 
and to prevent visceroptosis and dyspesia.


Strengthens legs and ankles, develops concentration and balance, and stretches your vertebral joints.


This helps to free passage of apana vayu downwards and sushumna nadi get strengthened. It also restores your energy.


It helps your body to be steady for long period of time, calms your mind, the best pose for meditation to relax yourself and peace.

Paripurna navasana

It strengthens your abdominal muscles, legs and lower backs. For kidney, thyroid, prostate, intestinal and digestive problems.


To relieve your back ache, shoulder, neck pains, asthma, indigestion, menstrual discomfort, and sciatica.


For digestive problems, sciatica, nervous system, and an massage for internal organs.


For constipation, tones the abdominal viscera, liver, kidney and pancreas. It helps to cure sluggishness of liver and hunchback. Regulates your appetite and reduces disorders in abdomens.


It improves digestive, sexual, respiratory functions and blood circulations. It improves overall health.


A complete relaxation for your mind, spirit and body.


It awakens kundalini shakthi, relieving asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and chronic fever. It  calms your mind and increases concentration.


For throat related problems, and  better functioning for sinus nerves, larynx, and thyroid glands.


It increases blood flow to your mind, improves memory, and other functions of cerberum. For filtration and elimination of metabolid or cellular wastes.


Calms your brain, strengthen the back and stretches knees and ankles.

Supta virasana

It stretches your legs, back, abdomen and relaxing your body.


It strengthen your abdomen and legs, relieve sciatica and flat feet, strengthens your foot muscles.


Improves flexibility of spine, correct alignment of shoulders, relieves backaches, gastritis, indigestion, acidity and tones the pelvic areas. To relieve neck sprains, strengthen ankles, shoulders and knees, and tones the ligaments of arms and legs.


It strengthens back, shoulders and hips.


It improves core strength, spinal, hip, shoulder flexibility, and stamina.


Tones leg muscles, reduces flat feet, and stretches chest and shoulders. It stimulates abdomen, heart and diaphragm organs.


To relieve symptoms of headache, menopause, asthma and insomnia. Reduces stress, anxiety and depressions. Improves digestion and strengthen your thighs and knees.

Viparita Karani

Regulates blood flow, restores tired legs, relieve back aches, and symptoms of depression and insomnia.


It increases blood flow and strengthen the pelvic regions. To treat hernia, hernia, and hyper acidity.


Improves circulation and relieve tired feets, digestion and relieves gas, and To treat asthma and blood pressure.


Improves balance, poise and posture. Limbers the hips, deepens the thorax, strengthen the ankles, and tones the muscles of legs, back and chest.


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