Saturday, June 2, 2012

Creatine in Bodybuilding

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid which is used to supply energy to muscles. Creatine supplements used by atheletes,bodybuilders, wrestlers to gain muscle mass and power. It increases the capacity of muscles to store more glycogen which is used as fuel for all physical activity. In normal food intake, vegeterians have lower creatine levels when compared to non-vegeterians.

Effective creatine dose are, 20g per day (for a week) for loading phase and 5g per day for maintenance phase and 3g per day for long term use.

In bodybuilding creatine supplements are used to increase the energy to workouts and gain muscle mass & power. As per creatine intake for 2-5 week to gain muscle mass, mega-set of exercise are followed.

For atheletes, to have a quick burst of energy creatine are used. But it is not preferred more, since many other supplements which provides more energy and not any muscle mass are available.

Side Effects:
1.In search of side effects of creatine whether it is safe or not, results obtained through those articles shown in references are, it increase the risk of kidney and liver damage. 

2.Diarrhea, dehydration and muscle cramping are the side effects of short term higher intake of creatine.

3.But long term intake of 3g per day of creatine is risk free.

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