Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tips to treat Rotator cuff injury

Shoulder injuries affects the soft tissues in shoulder muscles which restricts the arm movements such as tendinitus, bursitis inside the shoulder muscles. The shoulder problems will be of dislocation, separation, rotator cuff disease, rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, fracture and arthritis.

Rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and tissues connecting muscles with bones called tendons in shoulder. It only helps for shoulder to elevate and rotate the arm.

Rotator cuff injury refers to inflammation of tendons called tendinitus. Bursa is a fluid filled sac which helps to reduce friction between tendon and bones. If it gets inflammed known as bursitis.

Causes for rotator cuff injuries:
1. Frequent arm rotating in sports such as cricket, swimming, tennis, etc.
2. By accident or fight injuries.
3. Lack of blood supply to tendons, at above age 40.

1.Paining while lifting up your arm.
2.Pain in shoulder joints while sleeping one side.
3.Restricted arm movements.

Treatments for Rotator cuff injuries:
For swollen tendon tissues, treatments are,
1. Applying ice packs and use of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs helps to reduce inflammation and pain.
2. Steroid injection are also an effective to cure inflammation quickly.
3. Physio therapy exercise helps to get back your arm movements.
4. If pain persists even after many drugs, it could be tear of tendon tissues, then surgery is the only option.
Using arthroscope, the tendons are viewed via monitor. If tendon is teared, it is re-attached to the bone and suture are weaved through tendon to the bone.

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