Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tips to treat hernia

Hernia refers to swelling of organ with a cavity or a sac like structure formed  in lining of organs. Hernia may occur in groin, abdominal, umbilical, testicular and thigh regions. More common in abdominal regions. 

Causes for Hernia:
1. Heavy lifting of weights.
2. More weight.
3. Obesity.
4. Tight clothing.
5. Stretching of muscles during pregnancy.
6. It may be from birth itself, but only known after many years.
7.More pressure on abdominal regions.

It varies from types of hernia and regions where it occurs. Some do not have any symptoms, but in some,
1. Pain in specific organs when you stand or lift weights.
2. Bulge or swelling of organs.
3. Swelling of scrotum in testicular area.
4. Enlarged prostate, hard to urinate.
5. Chronic constipation.


  • Surgeries are the only option to cure it permanently.
  • If in intestinal region, emergency surgery is needed to avoid lack of blood supply to specific intestinal functions.
  • To prevent hernia, use proper weight lifting techniques.
  • Avoid tight clothings such as in jeans and T-shirts.
  • Regular exercise and reduce stress.
  • Follow healthy diet to avoid constipation.

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