Saturday, June 4, 2016

Foods For Healthy Hair

Human hair is made of protein called Keratin, which also make nails and outer layer of the skin. For  thick and healthy hair, you need to follow an balanced diet which includes more protein,vitamin    B,E, Iron and omega 3 fatty acids.  Below are some foods which provides essential nutrients for  healthy hair,  

  • Almonds gives strength and thickness to your hair. It contains zinc and protein which helps in    keeping your hair thick. 
  • Egg contains proteins,Vitamin B-12 which helps in strengthening your hair. 
  • Fish which has omega 3 fatty acids which helps in keeping your hair scalp healthy. 
  • Meat contains iron which helps in increasing blood circulation and maintains healthy hair. 
  • Have more Greens like spinach,turnip,swiss chard etc. are rich in Vitamin A,C which helps in    maintaining shiny hair. 
  • Have a cup of non fat yogurt which provides protein, calcium and nutrients that are essential for  healthy hair. 
  • Have whole grain cereals which are rich in folic acid helps in preventing hair loss.
  • Include more citrus fruits in your diet. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C helps in maintaining  hair follicles healthy. 
  • Nuts provides zinc,selenium and Vitamin E which protects your hair from sun UV rays. 
  • Sweet potato which are rich in anti-oxidant beta carotene protects hair from getting dry by    stimulating sebum fluid.  This antioxidant is also rich in carrot, pumpkin and mangoes. 


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