Sunday, July 29, 2012

Natural Ways To Make Your Teeth White

Here are some natural ways to make your yellowish tooth to turn white. But you have to follow it regularly each and every day at least once in a day for 5 minutes ! 

1. Brush your teeth by dipping your toothbrush in lemon juice with a pinch of salt. It will have a bleaching effect on your tooth without affecting enamel. Then rinse your with mouth with purified water and have a brush with your regular tooth paste.

2. Baking soda has whitening effect. Mix a baking soda with water, and apply it on your tooth, massage your tooth. Then rinse your with mouth with purified water.

3. Cut a strawberry into small piece and gently rub it on your tooth. Then brush with your regular tooth paste. Strawberry has acidic content, it will eliminate some bacteria in tooth.

4. If you can't able to brush, then swish your mouth with water and rinse your tooth. Eat fresh green leaves and vegetables. Rinse your mouth with lemon water to remove any plaques.

5. Apple cider vinegar also whitening effects, dip your brush into it and brush your tooth. But be caution, it has acidic effect.

6. Brushing your teeth with wood ashes found in fireplace, helps you to have brightening teeth. It contains potassium hydroxide has whitening effect. But after brushing, rinse your mouth with water, don't let it stagnate anywhere in tooth.

7. Home made toothpaste - a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt and a small amount of regular tooth paste. Brush your tooth twice a day with your home made tooth paste.

8. In ancient times, even now in villages, neem sticks from neem trees are used to brush teeth. It acts a herbal medicine for your teeth and helps you to have a brightening and healthy teeth. It really works a lot and strengthen the enamel. This is the secret of people living in village having healthy and strong teeth. 


Check out Natural ways to Treat Tooth Decay! Stay Healthy!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Exercise for NOSE !!!

There are several reasons your nose may be crooked, nasal fractures being one of the most common. Additionally, a feature often seen in the face of older people is a crooked and drooping nose. Throughout life, the nose continues to grow, and the cartilage in the lower section may weaken and then separate from the upper part of the nose. This often gives the appearance that a hump has developed on the bridge of the nose. A plastic surgeon can perform surgery to improve the shape of your crooked nose, or you can try some facial exercises aimed at strengthening the nasal muscles.

Nose Shortener

The nose shortener exercise will help form a straighter nose by raising a drooping nose tip. Using your index finger, push the tip of the nose up. Contract the muscle by flexing your nose down against the resistance created by your finger. Repeat 35 times, each time concentrating on the muscle forcing your finger down. Keep your breathing steady while performing the exercise. For maximum results, perform the nose shortener exercise twice a day.

Nose Shaper

The upper part of the nose is made of solid bone and the center part is made from cartilage, these sections of the nose cannot be improved by exercising. However,  the nostrils are made of very strong muscle, and that by exercising the nostrils it is possible to change the general shape of the nose. Recommended is placing your index fingers down either side of your nose, and flaring your nostrils by making a small movement using the muscles above your upper lip. Create resistance by keeping your fingers in place against the movement of the nostrils. Repeat this exercise as often as possible until your nose takes on a more symmetrical shape.


According to the BMI Healthcare, a rhinoplasty surgical procedure is the only way to change the shape of your nose. However, testimonials claim exercises helped people to straighten their noses even after the nose had been broken.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home Remedy - Vomiting !!!

Vomiting or vemesis is a biological defense mechanism.  It is a reflex activity, which refers to the forceful oral expulsion of stomach contents. The actual function of vomiting is to remove toxic or harmful substances from the body after ingestion.  However, vomiting is multifactorial in origin and can be caused due to various reasons. Retching is the sustained contraction of the chest and abdominal muscles that accompanies before or during vomiting.  

Common Causes of Vomiting

  • Intake poisonous substances

  • Gastroenteritis 

  • Spinning too fast on a ride 

  • Surgery

  • Pregnancy 

  • Certain drugs 

  • Disgusting sights 

  • Disgusting smells 

Home Remedies for Vomiting

Tip 1:

Heat 2 cardamoms on a dry tava. Powder them and add a tsp honey and take frequently.

Tip 2:

Take a mixture of 1 tsp mint juice with 1 tsp lime juice and 1/2 tsp ginger juice along with a tsp honey.

Tip 3:

Sip chilled lime juice.

Stay Fit n Healthy !!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Yogasanas for Engineers

For Engineers who works for daily 8-10 hours per day or even more, need to take care of their regular health metabolism, muscle and bone relaxation. Here are some yoga poses which helps to reduce your physical and mental stress, which in turn helps your health and fitness cycle. Stay in each pose for 3-5 min, and do all pose weekly thrice one hour per day.

Seated Twist Pose - to relax your spine,since you may be working by sitting for more than 10 hours and more mental stress. Do this pose in both directions also! first turn right and then left by seated.

Seated Stretch Pose - to open your chest, and increase effective air circulation through lungs. It also helps knee pain, strengthens spine and abdomens.

Seated Breath Pose - meditation pose, concentrate your breath and avoid all other thoughts that comes into your mind. This helps to refresh your mind and to feel relaxed.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Exercise in your home with dumbbells

For those who have no time to go to gym and workout. You can do everything in your home with a pair of dumbbells itself. Buy a pair of dumbbell with the small weight initially and later you go for heavy weight if you want. one part per day, for example biceps, triceps and forearm in day 1, shoulders day 2 etc. Do not mix up all sets. one muscle workout per day is to be done. Each exercise should be done 3 sets, each set of 8-12 repetitions. 

Arms Workout

For biceps,

For Triceps

For shoulder,
For Chest, 

For wings, 

For abs, 

For Squat,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Exercises for girls to be fit

Here are some of easy and best way to keep yourself  in good posture, healthy and in relaxed state of mind ever. Daily one hour a day is enough and must for all.  Not only exercise, you need to follow regular healthy diet also to be fit and healthy! Do each and every exercise with repetition for 5-10 minutes each and try to avoid tight clothing while doing it.

Jogging for about 2-3 km per day is helpful to reduce your unused calories, to not get deposited and avoiding increase in blood sugar level.

Swimming - is the best way to keep yourself in shape, a complete workout for all your body parts.

Walking - a walk for 3-5 miles per day is helpful to reduce unwanted deposition of fats and calories and to keep yourself fit and refreshed.

Yogasanas - brings you a co-ordination between your mind and body, stress relief, reduce muscle tension and self esteem, confidence in you. Try to stay in each pose for 2- 5 minutes and get back slowly.

These poses may be hard to get into it for the very first time, but try to stay in it, it works on your belly, other areas to keep yourself in good posture. Breath in and out slowly with deep concentration on it. You can only refreshed, if you concentrate on your breath and not on any other thoughts. 

Forward Fold Pose

Warrior Pose

Dog Pose

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exercises to pregnant women for normal delivery

Here are some fit and healthy tips for a healthy baby in a normal delivery. Try to follow it every day or atleast   thrice in a week. But you should not stress yourself more it will have bad results on your baby. Do each and every exercise with breath control and take care of your baby position in womb. Not only exercise, healthy diet is also important to be fit for you and your precious..!


1. Try to have at least one fruit per day, it should be clean and fresh. Essential fruits are apples, grapes, melons, banana, orchard fruits and other citrus fruits such as lemons, berries etc.

2. More calcium are needed during these pregnancy periods,consume more milk and yoghurt every day. Only pasteurised milk are healthy to you. They will supply more calcium.

3. For protein have eggs and fishes for omega 3 fatty acids. Fishes includes catfish, pollack, salmon, tilapia, clamps and shrimps. Nuts are also effective sources for proteins.

4. Whole Grains everyday.  Whole grain rice, oatmeals, whole grain cereal, and grains breads are best to have.

5. Healthy vegetables to have are cauliflower, greeny leaf vegetables, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables.

6. Additional small amount of fat is also needed everyday. For that include small amount of olive oil, corn oil, soyabean oil and margarine.


Kegel exercise - slowly contract your pelvic muscles and release. You can contract your pelvic muscle for upto 10 seconds. Pelvic muscles strengthening is important, throughout the pregnancy periods. You can do this  by sitting with your legs wide opened. 

Arms stretch to increase your flexibility and strength during pregnancy. Use both your arms lift up and down or rotate slowly.

Abdominal exercise- without affecting your baby, strengthening it is important. 

  • For abdominal stretch, lying down with your legs stretched, slightly raise your head up and down.
  • For pelvic tilt stretch, lying down with your back, lift up your stomach with knees bend and relax.
Do the above exercise for 10 -12 repetitions per cycle.

Sit up exercises - forward and diagonal sit up helpful for normal delivery.

To avoid leg cramps and to increase your flexibility, calf stretch exercise. First right leg forward stretch and then with your left leg.

Cat cow pose - to keep your baby in position and to relax your back pain.

All your pain now will be turned out to be nothing when you hear,


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tips to reduce Increased body heat

Pitta, refers to body heat during summer, or due to heavy stress works. You can able to feel your body heat in your eyes itself, reddish warm eyes and hard to urinate. Severe acne in face and skin rashes. To keep your self cool and relaxed. Here are some natural tips for pitta,

1. Oil bath or massage atleast once in a week. It will be better both during summer and winter season also...! It helps you to feel relaxed both physically and mentally.

2. To Avoid dehydration, drink more amount of liquids such as energy drinks, coconut and more water to keep your metabolism updated always.

3. Avoid meats during summer heavy heat, it will be an additional to it. More heat affects you a lot in form of diarrhoea, constipation etc. especially avoid chicken.

4. Butter in warm water is used to treat excessive body heat. Butter should be fresh and clean, drink it once in a week.

5. Greeny vegetables, salads, milk and ice creams helps to keep you cool in summer seasons.

6. Try to choose fruits which has more water content such as cucumber, watermelon, pomagranate, banana etc.

7. A mixture of milk, one teaspoon of almond power and one pinch of turmeric powder helps to reduce the body heat by ayurvedic treatment.

8. A cup of butter milk per day will help you to avoid raise in body temperature and any other environment such as swimming pool, gardens to keep you relaxed also helps you a lot.

Yogasanas to reduce 'pitta', by pranayama poses

Sheetali - fold your tongue and breath in and out via your mouth by sitting.

Sheetkari- breathing via your mouth, tongue behind your teeth tightly closed with hiss sound breath in and out.

Pranayama- the above two poses also pranayama yoga poses only, all pranayama poses related to breathing helps to keep you cool.


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