Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tips to treat Food poisoning

Food poisoning, is when we have foods or any drinks which is contaminated or expired. It contains infectious bacteria which infects the body after eaten. Often the infectious bacteria will be staphlococcus or E.coli

Causes for Food poisoning:
1. Contaminated, expired foods and drinks.
2. Under-cooked meats.
3. Contaminated dairy products.
4. Kept in refrigerator too long.
After within (2-6 hours) of eating, the symptoms are,
1. Abdominal pain.
2. Diarrhea.
3. Fever.
4. Headache.
5. Nausea.
6. Pain in head.
7. Vomiting.

Treatments for Food poisoning:
1. To reduce diarrhea, avoid having solid foods till it get cured.

2. Have energy drinks or any other fluids to avoid dehydration and loss by diarrhea.

3. Some bacteria are fatal, consult your doctor to avoid risks.

4. Food poison at normal cases, lasts only about a day or two days to get cure.

5. To prevent food poisoning, check products whether they are expired or not.

6. Do not have any foods kept in fridge for        many days.

7. Wash vegetables in warm water before cooking it and wash your hands before dining!

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