Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tips to treat Diabetes

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus), increase in blood sugar level due to lack of insulin production. There are 3 types, type1 diabetes, when our body fails to produce insulin, type 2 diabetes, when cells fails to use insulin properly and gestational diabetes, for pregnant woman high blood glucose during pregnancy.The normal sugar level should be 70-130mg/dL(milligram/decilitre) before meals and less than 180mg/dL after meal.


1. Polyuria(frequent urination)
2. Polydipsia(increased thirst)
3. Polyphagia(increased hunger)
4. Blurred vision.

Causes for diabetes:

Glucose from foods enters into the bloodstream which acts as fuel for the body. Pancreas makes insulin which moves glucose from bloodstream to muscle, fat and liver cells which make use of glucose. When our body fails to produce insulin or our cells do not know how to use insulin, the glucose level in bloodstream increases.

Treatment for diabetes

1. Blood pressure and cholestrol control.
2. Glucose level check regularly.
3. Education
4. Exercise
5. Food care
6. Meal planning and weight control
7. Insulin injection
8. prevent overweight of childrens and adults.
9. do not control your urination, which leads to kidney stone and type 1 diabetes.

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