Friday, May 18, 2012

Tips on how to drink safely

Drinking alcohol affects physical and mental health, we all know it. The following are the tips on how to drink safely in an office party or friends meet and any other social gatherings and not for the ones who are trying to avoid it. In these situations, you should know how to drink and stay away from intoxication.

1. Have foods before you start - In empty stomach, alcohol will start etching your stomach inner lining which leads to ulcers. The foods you can prefer are eggs, cheese, nuts, potatoes boiled, pickles and any other salty foods.

2. To stay safe, always choose the drink with low alcoholic content.

3. Stay with same drink, do not mix wine, beer, vodka, whiskey, gin together as cocktail which gives you a killing hangover while you wake up in morning.

4. Take small bites of foods or snacks as side dish throughout the event, do not leave your stomach alone with alcohol, which results in stomach ulcer.

5. Lose it trick- This trick is to avoid drinking full bottle and get hangover. Lose it trick, pour  your drink or at least a part of it down the drain, it gives you an illusion that you are drinking when you are not.

6. Stay active while you drink, walk around, chat with your friends, and never remain seated in same place.

7. Having only one alcoholic drink and getting into drive, will also cause trouble in your driving. Stretch your drinking out so that its been at least a hour before its time to leave and even then also make sure that you can drive safely or hire a cab.

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