Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tips to treat Cancer

Cancer (malignant neoplasm), abnormal growth of cells which enters nearby parts of the body, forming malignant tumors which are called as malignant cells. There are about 200 cancer cells are known that affects our health.

Causes for Cancer

1. Cancer mainly by Tobacco.
2. Due to chemicals like benzene, nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
3. Poisonous mushrooms.
4. Alcohols.
5. Radiations.
6. By infectious diseases.
7. Improper diet and exercises.
8. By heredity.

Based on causes and symptoms, part of the body which get affected, there are different types of cancers like  
brain cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, skin cancer, throat cancer etc.
Symptoms for Cancer
1. Loss of appetite
2. Unusual lump in body.
3. Persistent cough.
4. Diarrhea
5. Sudden weight loss
6. Tiredness and fatigue
7. Night sweats
8. Difficulty while swallowing

Treatment for Cancer
Treatments for cancer are based on stages of the growth of cancer cells, 

1. If cancer cells are located in one position and not spreaded to nearby parts, it can be easily removed by surgery.In initial stage, cancer cells in skin, lungs, intestine and colon, can be treated easily by surgery.

2. If cancer cells are spreaded in later stages, then treatments are  surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
Cancer cells are exposed to radiations and reduces its spreading. Radiation treatment should be regularly followed every week. Chemotherapy, use of chemical agents to reduce the spreading of cancer cells.

3. The people treated through radiation and chemotherapy, should follow regular balanced diet and plenty of rest.

4. The best way to prevent cancer, is to avoid tobacco, alcohols, and excessive exposure to sunlight.
To prevent growth of cancer cells, it should be treated in initial stages itself. 

Consult with your cancer specialist..! 

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