Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Better ways to protect your eyes

The most important organ of our body is Eyes. Though it is, we wont spend time to take care of our eyes.
Here are some natural ways to prevent your eyes from hazards.

1.Face your wash at least twice per day with eyes opened which cleans any dust in the retina.

2.When going out under bright sun try to wear sunglasses which keeps you cool and also cools your eyes sight.

3.Girls use have to eye brow make, if it is there for long hours after some time, the chemicals reaches the retina which leads to bad results in your eyes. So, remove your make up before going to sleep.

4.Always maintain a distance between your eyes and computer monitor or television which has resolution, your retina contracts and expand rapidly to make it clear.

5.Do not sit or look near to air conditioner since the cool air will dry out moisture in our eyes.

6.Spend some time to walk on your garden or having a look at beautiful nature which not only relax your mind, it also works on your eyes too.

7. Always prefer food which includes vitamin A which is very much important for your eyes health. They are rich in sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach etc.

8. High sodium in your daily foods which damages the blood vessels in your eyes by increasing the blood pressure. So, check the content of sodium level in your foods.

9. Fish and eggs are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which reduces the risk of dry out eyes syndrome.

10. Red onion which contains phytochemical which acts a anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which prevents the growth of tumors.

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