Saturday, April 7, 2012

Different types of push ups

There are many variation in push ups followed in different countries,

Some of different variation in push ups are,

Normal push up style
The normal push up will help your chest, tricep and shoulder muscles followed most commonly around the world.
Normal Push up

Leg kick push up
The leg kick push up style is followed in Netherlands which by doing more will help to increase your chest muscle strength and flexibility in hip flex ors, glutes, and hamstrings.

Leg Kick push up

Knee to opposite elbow push up
This type of push up is followed in Thailand it has results in your chest, trice, abdominal muscles and hip flexors.

Knee to opposite elbow

Corkscrew push up
This is USA style which helps your quads, calves, and core and also benefits that you can have in normal push up.
Corkscrew push up

Triangle push up
This is executed by Brazil body builders which helps your muscles to handle more weight and power.

Triangle push up

Twisting push up
Another variation by Brazil which helps your flexibility in hip and groin muscles.

Twisting push up

Uchi Mata push up
Introduced by Japanese which has greater results in core, lower back, and hamstrings and also increases your power in shoulder muscles.

Uchi Mata push up

Alternating Grip single leg push up
This is England style which improves your lower abs, chest muscles and serratus anterior muscles.

Alternating grip single leg

Kettle bell push up
This is by Russians which increase power in your forearms,rotator cuffs, and core muscles.

Kettle bell


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