Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Primary First Aid Treatments for all Emergency

First aid Treatments for Heart Attacks

1. Call for emergency to nearby hospital but always stay with the patient.

2. Begin CPR( Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) immediately.

CPR means,
  1. At first, artificially pump blood out of the heart and round the body – which is provided by the chest compressions.
  2. place the heel of one hand in the center of the victim’s chest (the lower half of the sternum, or breastbone)
  3. now place the heel of your other hand on top of the first. Interlock your fingers together.
  4. And then, to artificially blow oxygen into the lungs –  which is giving by artificial respiration.
  5. Artificial respiration, blow the air in into the mouth of the patient by closing the nose with your fingers to prevent leakage of air.
  6. To up to rate of  Chest compression of about 100 per minute.
  7. You have to do this 30 times, then give artificial respiration twice, and continue this 30:2 procedure until help arrives.
  8. Till the help comes, make sure that patient has pulse and continues breathing.

First aid Treatments for Snake Bites

1.Try to seek medical help as soon as possible by calling emergency number.

2.Clean the wound with soap/water.

3. Immobilize the snake bite area.

4. Keep the affected area slightly elevated.

5. Meanwhile try to give them cool compress/wet cloth to affected part.
6. Cover the wound with a firm bandage 2-4 inches above bite to
    i. Prevent venom from spreading.
    ii.To avoid bleeding.

First aid Treatments for Fractures

For Open fractures,

1. Control bleeding before treatment.

2. Rinse and dress the wound.

For Closed fractures,

1. Check the breathing.

2. Calm the person.
3. Examine for other injuries.

4. Immobilize the broken wound.

5. Apply ice to reduce pain / swelling.

6. Consult a doctor. 

First aid Treatment for Burns

First degree burns

Mild injury, redness and swelling of injured area. The place becomes white when you touch.( First degree).

1. Remove the burnt cloths.

2. Pour cool water on burnt area.

3. Gently clean the injured area.

4. Apply the anti biotic ointments will be readily available in medical shops.

5. Using bandage cover the wounds.

Second degree burns

Burns up to second layer of skin, dermis layer

1.Gently clean the burnt cloth and injured part.

2. Use anti biotic ointments over the surface.

3.But hospitalization is necessary.

Third degree burns

Whole skin layer will be damaged. They will be up to 70-80% percent in death situations.

1.Oxygen is needed.

2. Immediately take the patient to the hospital.

3. Dehydration is treated through intravenous fluid supply.

4. Periodically run clean cool water over the surface.

5. Mental depression will be treated through anti depressants.

Better prevent yourself from fire by following the essential precautionary. Since, the pain will be a lot. Stay safe do not play with fires.

First aid for Poisoning 

1. Immediate Hospitalization is needed.

2. Meanwhile, try to find the poison he/she had if possible.

3. Induce vomiting,will help to reduce the risk.

4. If the vomit falls on skin, wash it immediately.

5. If in case of Inhalation of poison, cover your nose with wet cloth and open all your windows.

6. And do not light any match box.

7. If patient vomit, prevent the patient from choking (A condition caused by blocking the airways to the lungs (as with food or swelling of the larynx)

First aid for Electric shock

1. Do not attempt to move the victim from current source,before that First switch off the power supply.

2. Make use of some wooden stick to move the victim from electric shock being caught.

3. Check for breathing, if no breathing perform CPR( cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

4. Call for medical aid, its necessary to prevent other vital function not to get arrested.

5. If there is no earth grounding in your home, better install it first to avoid shocking problems.

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