Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prolonged Sitting kills us soon

Its has been analyzed by the Australian researches that prolonged sitting after 40 years will kill you soon within three years.

This has been published in "The archives of Internal medicine",March 26,2012 issue.

Now a days most of our entertainment factors also makes us to sit for a long time... no physical activities will affect blood circulation in your body which will affect your health and brings you bad results.

Those who spend 11 hours a day by sitting are 40 percent more chances to die within 3 years, no matters what kind of physical activity that they are doing.

In order to avoid this here are some tips overcome it...

1. Don't try to spend more time by sitting itself... maximum you can sit up to 6 hours per day and after that you have to do some physical works or at least a walk for some meters.

2. Try to have plenty of water which will maintain your blood circulation and more sweat while doing any activity will keep you healthy.

3. If possible split the time of works by sitting into many parts per day, which will avoid you from these problems.

4. You can also go for gym workout just only for fitness exercise which will keeps you healthy forever.

5. While watching movies or any other entertainment by sitting try to have little amount of physical activities such as clapping, laughing, dancing and singing etc.....

6. Try to spend some time for playing or chatting with your friends which will help you to overcome health and psychological problems, its a better solution for everything.

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