Friday, September 21, 2012

False views on Gym

If you are beginner in gym workouts, then you may have lots of advice from your friends, relatives etc about gym workouts. There may be many advice to you to not to go for gym, which will place you in great mess!
Its not, gym is also a sport which requires full dedication and continuous workouts. Its completely safe, if you know about the workouts and supplements you have!

Some common rumors on gym!

  • Gym workouts will affect your maleness!
Definitely not, workouts are meant to increase muscle and to bring good personality of  your maleness. Only if you go for excessive dose of steroids and other supplements, will affect your health, weakness and erectile dysfunction. But before going for any supplements or steroids for more muscle gains, consult your physician! 
Right workouts will bring you effective pumping of muscles and changes your looks! All great bodybuilders have childrens and living an happier life.

  • You become overweight if you stop gym workouts!
If you stop gym workouts after certain periods, muscles decreases in size and stretched skin will shrink. And the people who reduced weight by workouts will starts increasing in weights! But regular warm up exercises, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. will help you to retain your shape! And you have to follow dietary amounts in foods since you are not doing any workouts, which will prevent being overweight or obese!

  • Lack of interest on gym workouts!
Gym workouts is also an sports to enjoy and play hard! You may dislike only if you are not having good gym peoples around you or interested any other sports activity or any personal problems and physical ailments. Its also like mediating to refresh your mind by supplying more blood to muscles and other parts of your body. Also doing same workouts for many days will also lack your interest, try to do many new variety of sets and having enough rest!

  • Can't able to find a partner!
It may be hard for you to do it alone. Call for your friends or any one on gym to do with you or to help in your workouts, it will help him also!. Speak freely don't restrict yourself to ask your doubts or to call for help in gym. You can also call gym master to help you or to do with you! If you know the sets for each muscles, then you can do it alone also!

  • Not gaining any muscles, no improvement!
Working out for many days, still can't able to get desired physique even after six months then your workouts may be wrong or not having enough foods and supplements! Consult your physician also! Do not do the workouts with same set of weights, increase the weight slowly to gain muscles. 
The Gym workouts consists of two phases, bodybuilding phase and cutting phase.In bodybuilding phase, you have to go for more heavy weights to gain more muscles each sets with 8-10 reps. In cutting phase, go for light weight and increase the repetitions 20-30 reps each set, to shape your grown up muscles!

Have a roll model for your workouts like Arnold, Ronnie, cutler, phil heath etc.and try to do like them!

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