Monday, September 24, 2012

Tips to increase reps in workouts

The Gym workouts consists of two phases, bodybuilding phase and cutting phase. In bodybuilding phase, mass and bulk muscle development using heavy weights with less reps and having enough rest! In cutting phase, to have cuts on each muscles to shape up using light weights with high reps and regular workout. 
Maximum number of reps in bodybuilding phase should be 8-12 reps increasing weights with each and every sets. To have cuts, the number of reps should be 20 - 25 reps with standard weights.

To increase reps in your workouts, 

1. Keen concentration on your muscle, feeling not satisfied with your muscle cuts. Which will make your mind to do more and not to rest!

2. Do not workout on same muscle often, train all parts of your muscle in a week. 

3. Boosting your mind with happy thoughts and not get distracted from your workouts and train hard.

4. Arnie advice to you, ' complete the reps no matter what happens' . Have enough supplements and foods to supply more energy to your workouts. Have inspiration and follow your roll model.

5. Before starting, do some warm up exercise for all muscles like pull ups, push ups, close bar chin ups, cycling, etc. to make your muscle ready for workouts.

6. To avoid muscle ache or strain in between the workouts, do some stretching exercise, to constantly flex and stretch your muscles. 

7. You can also your friend to help you to complete the reps. If you can't do it, rest with that weights in hand for a while and then continue!

The More hard you workout, More change you can see on those muscles..!

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