Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tips to treat Hip pain

Hip joint which only supports us to bend forward or backward, it connects the leg bone (femur) to the pelvic bone in core region. The pain may be due to any inflammation or by trauma. Pain along with swelling and redness of that area. If the pain is mild, it can be treated in home itself, but if the pain is more, you should immediately consult an physiotherapist. Here are some tips to treat hip pain and medical treatments for it!


1. Applying ice pack on swelled areas for a while will help to reduce the pain. Using hot pack will help you to prevent the paints in joints.

2. You can also go massaging the hip areas to ease the pain, but it should be done by massage therapist or anyone who knows how to do it!

3. Stretching the muscles in hip area by bending forward, in side ways and having a walk will also help you to  fix the pain.

4. By medical treatment, to treat pain your doctor may recommend cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation and pain in hip joints. 

5. You can consult an physiotherapist, will make you to do some moves to overcome the pain and fix your hip joints.

6. Acupuncture treatment will help you to cure the pain permanently, if you are having hip pain for so long and can't able to relieve the pain.

6. To prevent hip pain, have a regular exercise or yogasanas to reduce overweight or obesity and avoid giving too much pressure on hip joints. 

Here are some yoga poses which help you to treat hip pains,

Forward bend pose

Pigeon pose

Butterfly pose

Cobbler pose

Triangle pose

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