Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tips to treat migraine

Migraine refers to repeated headache on any one side of head along with blurred vision and nausea symptoms. It starts with a sign of changes in vision  called as aura and moderate headache on any one side of head. It may be due to disturbed conditions on neurons in brain and nerves connecting the eyes. It may run from your families or due to hormone level changes. 

Symptoms of Migraine,

  • Blurred vision
  • Hard pain on any side of head
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • Sweating
  • It may last for many long hours.
Treatments for Migraine,

1. If you have severe headache with blurred visions, do not panic more, sit relaxed place wet cool cloth over your head and drink more water. Throughout all your works and have some refreshments. If the pain do not go, lasting for many hours or repeating again, immediate medical attention is needed!

2. The medication are all available for to reduce the pains for the first time and to prevent it to not occur frequently and not for curing it permanently.  Follow the medicines prescribed by your doctor strictly to prevent pain occurring frequently. Please do not follow self medication unless you know, since migraine is not an ordinary headache.

3. Avoid situations and people makes you migraine. Need to have some changes in your previous lifestyle, like foods, depression, drinking, smoking etc. Avoid those things or reduce the counts day by day.

4. Acupuncture has a good solution for migraine. Have good head oil massage once in a week , to keep it cool. Get enough sleep without any disturbances. 

Yogasanas to treat migraine,

Restorative pose - lie on your back with your hands on either sides freely and legs at shoulder width apart. Its simply a sleeping pose and cover your eyes with cloth to avoid lights and sleep in a calm environment.

Another pose, sit on floor and bring your legs together to make a diamond shape and your back bones straight. This relaxes the back muscles and reduces the migraine.

Wide legs forward bend - keep your legs apart and bend forward. Place your hands on ground and  rest your head on ground. It will calm the triggers of migraine.

Downward facing dog - Stand with your hands and knees on ground. Now lift your butt forming a inverted V shape.

Extended puppy pose - Similar to downward facing dog, lift your butt but the knees and hands should remain on ground. 

Stay in each position for 2-3 minutes and get back slowly. This will act as both physical and mental pain reliever. Do it every day and follow healthy foods and fruits. 


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