Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stretching exercise for arms, back, hip and legs

Before doing any workouts, do some warm up exercises for muscle that you are going to train. If you are going to do quads, ride bicycle for 5-10 min. It enables the legs muscles with active blood supply which helps in effective pumping of muscles and to do more reps! Similarly for arms, shoulders, back, chest also!

If you any muscle ache or strain during workouts, it may be due to repetitive compression of muscles. To  avoid and relieve pain you have to stretch those muscle for relaxation. 

To Stretch arms muscles,

Biceps Stretch - hold any pillar or wall with your palm and keep your entire arm parallel to the wall, gently turn your body against the wall by turning your shoulder muscles. You can also see the effect of it on your biceps muscles. It relaxes the biceps muscles. Now, repeat it with other arm too!

Triceps stretch - Keep your right hand above your head and bend the forearm. Now using your left hand, hold the elbow of right hand and gently push the elbow of right hand. This stretches the triceps muscles. Now, do it reverse.

Wrist Stretch - Straight up your arms to your shoulder height. Now bend the four fingers of one hand using your other hand, by gently bending the fingers towards forearms and towards wrist! 

Shoulder Stretch - Extend your right hand straight, now holding the biceps of right hand using your left hand, and gently push the right hand towards your chest! Now do the same for your left hand using your right hand!

To stretch back muscles,

Dog Pose - a yogasanas pose, Stand and bend, bringing your  head and hands down and place your palm in ground, keep the distance between your hands and legs wide enough to stretch the back muscles!

Child Pose - Keep your feet together, lean forward and place your hands on ground, and sit backward on your heels and head to touch the knees!

Forward Bend pose - Stand straight, bend forward and hold your legs using your hands!

Backward bend pose - Stand straight, keep your hand in butt and bend backward as much as you can! Do Forward and backward bend alternatively to flex and stretch your back muscles!

To Stretch hip muscles,

Hip rotation - Stand keeping your feet wide than shoulders, Keep your hand on hip and rotate your hips in a circular way!

Hip flexor stretch - Sit like an athlete going to run, keeping one knee at 90 degree to ground, and other knee lie down on ground.  Now do it vice versa! 

Lying leg raise - lie down on your right, use your hands as pillows, now raise one leg and other leg on ground. Repeat the same for other leg by turning your body on other side! 

Leg raise - an abdomen workout, lying on ground with your back and raising both legs together at 90 degree to ground and bringing back slowly!

To Stretch leg muscle,

Standing hamstring stretch - Stand straight, step your right leg and straight it incline and stretch it using your hands pressing on thigh together! Repeat the same for left leg too!

Lying Quadricep Stretch - lie down on your right, bend your left leg and touch the ankle using your left hand! Repeat the same for right leg too!

Calf Stretch - Stand with your feets at shoulder width apart in front of a wall, keep your hands on the wall. Keep one leg forward and other leg stretched incline. Now push your body towards wall to feel pressure on your calf!

Thigh Stretch - Stand with your feets close, now bend your right leg and hold the ankle using your right hand! Repeat the same for left leg too!

Seated forward bend - Sit with your legs lie on ground straight and  close together, now hold the ankle of both legs using your hands. 


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