Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tips to prevent side effects of medication

Is your medication bringing you negative results, then it may be due to wrong medication or you may be using it in a wrong way. Here are some tips to avoid side effects of medication,

1. Avoid self medication unless you know it for sure as by doctor advice. You may go for self medication in natural treatment if you know about it, but not with chemical drugs. It may lead you to serious condition, if it is wrong.

2. Do not often go for medication even if you have a mild fever or headache. Our body itself is a great doctor, it can cure it by itself. If it is not, then only you have to call your doctor.  Often medication, may affect your immune system.

3. Do not act smart in having medication, thinking that if you go for over dosage you may recover soon! it is not, over dosage of medicine for a person having immunity level below the normal level or having any health problems, it may lead to fatal conditions. Always go by your doctor advice.

4. Check the manufacturing and expiry date for any medicine before buying it! Most of the side effects are due to contamination of expired medicines! And have the medicine at right time before or after foods.

5. To avoid medication ever, always follow healthy foods and fruits. Avoid junk and fast foods. Do not try to skip any best natural healthy vegetable, like mushrooms, carrots, papaya, banana tree stem etc. They are highly beneficial to our health and prevent us from kidney stones, digestive problems, eye defects etc.

6. To live healthy ever, follow healthy diet patterns and exercise everyday or at least a walk. Have your ever searched the reason why they say, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. Drink more water per day! 

7. Yogasanas are the best way to prevent you from medication. There are many poses which help you to prevent from digestive problems, joint aches, mental stress, physical stress etc. 

8. But some of side effects of medication, for cancer, diabetes, HIV are inevitable! You have to consult with your doctor immediately and do not go for self medication.

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