Friday, September 21, 2012

Simple breathing exercise to relieve mental stress

Like a turbid water in a bottle, our mind will be full of thoughts and emotions. To Make the water to be clear, place the bottle untouched for a while. After few minutes, the waste particles settles down and clear water stays above! 

Nearly 70,000 thoughts run through our mind per day! Which can stress your mind a lot! If we can calm our mind free from thoughts and unwanted emotions, we can able to think clear and wisely! 

A simple breathing exercise for 2-5 minutes per day will help you to relieve from daily mental stress and refresh our mind!

How to do breathing exercise,

Step 1: Sit comfortably in calm environment. And keep your back bone straight.

Step 2: Use your right hand, fold the middle finger and using your thumb and ring finger close the side walls of nostril.

Step 3: Using ring finger, inhale through left nostril and close. Hold the breath for a count upto 10.

Step 4: Now exhale out fully through right nostril and repeat the step 3.

Step 5: Do it for 5-10 times per day! Try to increase the count day by day. It may be hard initially but once you can do it, really helps you a lot!

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