Monday, October 22, 2012

Tips to treat Meningitis

Meningitis refers to inflammation of membranes (called meninges)  covering the brain and spinal cord. The inflammation are by virus, bacteria,fungi, any drugs and by other external infections. The symptoms may be common with other infections like headache, vomiting,  fever but requires an immediate medical attention! and special symptoms are can't able to tolerate light and loud noises. Based on its cause, there are two types of meningitis, Aspetic (viral) and bacterial meningitis.

Symptoms of meningitis

The symptoms are specific for each age

For babies,

  • always crying when being held
  • Some rashes or purple bruises in skin
  • refusing to eat, vomiting
  • bulging soft spots on head
  • extreme shivering
For adults, 
  • fever, headache, vomiting
  • altered consciousness
  • can't able to bear light and loud noise
  • Neck stiffness
  • patches on skin
For children
  • fever
  • patches on skin
  • difficulty in breathing

Treatments given for Meningitis

As per its cause, treatments are given! Bacterial meningitis requires immediate medical attention and treated with corticosteroids and new advance research are available to treat it now! . Viral meningitis do not require serious medical attention, can be treated in home itself! 
For meningitis by fungi, treated with anti fungal drugs. 

To prevent meningitis! 

  • Vaccinating yourself against meningitis
  • It can easily spread from one person to other, do not allow everyone to kiss your baby. Also by sneezing, coughing, kissing etc. But do not keep them away from you! be humanity! 
  • Avoid direct contact of your skin with contagious foods and places! 
  • Treat meningitis in early stages itself! Have healthy fruits and foods to take care your skin! 

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