Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tips to prevent baldness

Baldness refers to partial or complete lack of hair on head which affects us mentally and makes us to feel inferior! There is no need for that,  it can only bring you a negative grades on you, that stress will increases more hair falls,  always have a good attitude and move forward. Most of hair loss, is due to your daily food habits, no healthy fruits and no time to spend for your hairs!  

There are many medical solutions without any  need of  prescription, acupuncture  homeopathy, Ayurveda treatments, etc are available to prevent hair loss and to grow more hairs! But do not go for it without knowing about it for sure for your hair, consult your doctor or any hair care specialist and follow as per their advice! 

And to prevent it naturally! 

1. Avoid synthetic hair coloring, heaters, straightening, changing the products frequently, will affect your hair health! Always use natural hair oils (neem oils, aloe vera)  to promote hair health, shampoos to prevent dandruff, conditioner to help you hair to get all vitamins and proteins! 

2. Need to have more proteins for your hair, include fish, eggs, chickens, calf's liver, cheese, yogurt, almonds etc in your daily diet! You can also go for protein conditioner. Iron level in your blood helping hair scalp, rich in green leaf vegetables, eggs, cereals etc.  Vitamin B are required to promote hair health, rich in soybeans, carrots, cauliflowers, bran, nuts and eggs!

3. Have regular exercise not only helps hair but also promotes overall health! Exercise increases the effective blood circulation to supply all essential components to hair scalps to grow more hairs! 

4. Avoid more stress and anxiety which increases hair loss, always have a peace of mind! Which is the basic to solve any kind of problems! 

5. It may be from as side effects of any drugs or steroids which you have used, need to consult with your doctor.Baldness for you may be congenital, but early treatments and prevention helps you to stop hair loss!    

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