Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tips to avoid facial hair growth

Excessive hair growth on face for women is known as hirsutism due to overproduction of men hormonal changes. For both men and women, Too much hair growth on face may have cause itching, irritation and bad impression for others. Even synthetic treatments may also feeds to it. Here are some natural and other effective ways  to avoid excessive hair growth on face and keep you away from acne, aging effects etc.

Treatments  for women

1. Using herbal supplements such as black cohosh, saw palmetto, chaste tree, and spearmint. These supplements has anit-androgenic effects, helps in decreasing the overproduction of androgen  But the dosage matters, consult your health care advisor before going for it!

2. Try to have broccoli and cauliflower which contains diinodolymethane to balance the hormonal changes promoting facial hair growth. Supplement Calcium D glucarate to control the production of androgens is also effective!

3. Using Vaniqua only by doctor prescription to reduce facial hair growth will give beneficial results. Medication flutamide controls the hair follicle cells to prevent hair growths.

4. Laser skin care treatments to eliminate facial hair growth will give you rapid results and prevents it re-growth. Facial waxing to kill hair follicles to stop hair growth! Or shave with epilator which removes hair along with its roots, but painful!
Treatments for men

1. Electrolysis treatment to damage hair follicles preventing the hair growth on face. Since each hair follicles to be treated, it will take some time to get you the desired results. To prevent hair growth on face, chest, shoulders and legs.  This is applicable for both men and women!

2.  Laser skin care treatment also to damage the hair follicles promoting the hair growth on face. Using lasers to kill follicles, painless, no more hair growth and rapid results!

3. Medical prescription eflornithine, cream to stop unwanted hair growth on face. Using inhibitors to retard the  hair growth and prevents new hair. But its not an permanent solution.

4. Waxing treatment -  kills hair follicles to avoid facial hair growth. Its painful, long term but gives you an permanent solution. Shaving using epilator to remove hair along with its roots is also effective.

Do not get irritated and pluck your hair hard using your hands may bring you negative results. Have regular shaving and face wash to prevent itching. Make that hair growth itself to give you an new stylish looks. Consult your health care advisor immediately at the beginning stage itself!

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